Sightseeing in ZURICH

Just a few pics to show you guys! Nothing too special happened but all in all it is a beautiful city! And its s wayyyy colder than most other European cities in October- I was safely planning on chilly weather but was not ready to be caught in two straight days of off and on HEAVY rain!!! Safe to say I looked like a poodle and was soaked! I liked Zurich mainly because it was not as overwhelming as the other cities I usually go to. Coming from partying in Amsterdam and Munich for the past week it was nice to know I had a more relaxed schedule that consisted of bistros, cafes and walking to tourist sites. Although, much out of my always on the go element it was cool to relax and soak in all Zurich had to offer. Zurich reminded me of Bruges with similar building structures and architecture and Amsterdam because of all of the canals. I would definitely recommend this city for a family trip or for a getaway where you stay in the city center in a nice hotel and take breaks between fondue, spas, shopping (bring a lot of money, Zurich is expensive!) and light sight seeing. The city is so small there is only so much you can do on a week long vacay 😉


After a 5 day party binge- I have finally landed to sight see and relax!thumb_img_6028_1024

Cute square in the city center with plenty of cafes!thumb_img_6041_1024thumb_img_6045_1024thumb_img_6047_1024

Frolicking by the canalsthumb_img_6022_1024

Zurich City Skyline


Waiting for the boat to arrive by the river!


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