To Live Somewhere Else: Swiss Minimalism

The life of a Swiss: Minimalistic, Simple, Healthy, Fit, Eco-Conscious.  When staying in Zurich I paid huge attention to my surroundings and noticed that although the wealth is booming there was no such flaunting. Everything looked similar, people were prim, proper, in shape and well groomed. Taking runs in the rain or at 10PM in the city center it was refreshing to see the life of a Swiss. Nonetheless, my friends cute apartment def made the whole simplicity of living feel even more close to home as I stayed there for my visit. Everything white, wood, lightened and lively! It looked as if a high end CB2 and Ikea had a lovechild! Now I am more inspired to decorate my place more “Swiss”like. That means cleaning out my fridge to everything Bio (aka Organic), fresh fruits/veggies, pressed juices, and only pasteurized and farm fresh dairy products (cheeses) if any! And for my apt. furniture- I think I’ve already got the whole minimalist down to a T 😉

What are your favorite minimal design pieces? How would you describe your type of simplicity?


Plants always add a pop of lifethumb_img_5986_1024thumb_img_5976_1024thumb_img_5987_1024

A jog in the rain, don’t let your body be a pain!


Beautiful fall leaves as you step out of the apartment!


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