Let’s Work Out: European Fitness Trends

Speed Fitness is a new trend that has been popular in central Europe for a couple of years now but that has caught my eye through it’s promise in muscle building, weight loss, and cellulite reduction through stimulating electric waves. I’ve been traveling all over central Europe with my main stay being in Hungary and this fitness trend is very popular amongst late 20-early 40 year olds.Basically what they do is suit you up in this matrix looking outfit that is a bit heavy and feels like sand packs are all over it. You are weighed down by a vest and are instructed to wear leggings and long sleeves underneath. After you dress up in this Swat team inspired gear you get connected to a machine via wires throughout your upper body suit and by leg wraps. Then your instructor sprays each and every wire point on your bodysuit with cold water mist. After all of this is finished, it’s ready to amp up the volume. Depending on your workout regimen and physical capabilities you get to choose from a low intensity to a very high intensity of electric currents to shake you! I went for the medium and had it amped up all the way last two minutes of my session. I could barely move when  it was turned all the way up, it’s crazy how much it affects your muscles!  Once the currents are up and running through your wires you are instructed to do minimal full body exercises and stretches that wouldn’t be considered too hard if you weren’t connected to a buzzing electricity you feel through your body. The electricity shakes you and somewhat restrains your body from making it all that easy to move. After about 40 minutes of working out you are said to have completed a workout that was at least 5x the work of what you actually did! You feel amazing and revived afterwards but don’t feel as tired as you do after an actual work out! However, for your first couple of tries the soreness comes 1-2 days after the treatment. Since this was my first time I got fooled and thought that I was strong enough to not even feel my muscles be sore, then two days rolled around and I was achinngggg (but a very good, workout ache 😉 ) in my arms where I am the most weak. I felt the soreness all over my body for a day or two but my arms were the ones that lasted for almost a week! It was crazy- it was as if I could actually feel my muscle building!! Clients are typically advised to come once a week or if you are a bodybuilder maybe twice 😉 haha All in all – it was a great experience and I would definitely do it more frequently if I found a studio here in LA. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait until my next Euro trip 😉 If you guys are traveling in Europe and want to work out make sure you yelp a place and check it out! It’s definitely worth the experience, especially since it’s a workout that requires minimal time and effort!



Ready to get HOOKED UPPPP!thumb_img_5341_1024

My instructor was the sweetest! Here she is spraying my electric pulse points with water to maximize the electricities affect on my suit!

P.S. If you’re ever in Budapest (one of the best cities in the world- in my opinion hehe) try this place out! It’s small and intimate and the instructor is the best!


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