Holiday Fun (Champ Bottle Pop Emoji) ;)

Hey guys!

So these past two weeks off of work have been crazy! So crazy in fact that now I’m sick at home with Bronchitis & Strep Throat :O Not fun at all but I’m doing a lot of time reflecting and thinking of all the change I am striving to make this new year! Although taking a week off work to recover is not the ideal way I was thinking of spending my first week of the new year, you do have to take care of yourself which is my motto for 2017! Healthy eating, working out, self care, self love and X-ing out toxic people that do not benefit me will start once I recover- since I’ve been eating chocolate as a comfort food right now to make me feel a bit better! 😉

Well anyways these past two weeks I did my fair share of partying, meeting with old friends, grabbing brunches, adventuring to new coffee shops, exploring downtown, shopping, trying out new workout classes and pampering myself to spas, nail therapy, cryo and sweat therapy! DAMN I did ALOT! lol

I ended up one day just wanting  to take pics of all of my activities, which I rarely do since I get embarrassed of always taking photos in public! So enjoy a casual Winter Break Wednesday, Alex style -below!


I caught up with one of my old best friends from college, Ashley and we have a thing for meeting up in Silverlake! Our usual place is the Alcove Cafe because we loveeeeee getting brunch! We wanted to switch things up and go to Squirl but the line was sooooooo long on a WEDNESDAY morning that we ended up just reverting back to Alcove….until on my way to Alcove I saw this charming little restaurant called Home and it looked like a cool outdoorsy environment. Hey, it wasn’t raining and I was feeling outdoorsy so why not, right? Although the service wasn’t the best, a 15 minute wait AND it took foreverrrr to get our meal (even when those following us with more complicated orders got theirs first) it was all in all pretty good. My friend and I shared the tuna tartare as a starter and I had to order the granola since that is my brunch obsession. I just always need to order it and try it at all different restaurants. I know I’m weird but it’s my fave meal 😉 hahaha


Later on, I met up with one of my friends Katie and we went shopping around Abbot Kinney and Main Street in Venice! It was a very chill vibe and not a lot of people were out since it was a Wednesday afternoon! I ended up buying a gorgeous necklace from Free People and we ended up grabbing bikinis for my friend for her trip to the DR! There was this really cute bikini store called Hip’tique where I overly enjoyed looking at all their books and gift goodies since I was not on the hunt for a bikini! There were so many witty books on travel, relationships, etc. that I could not put them down!thumb_img_6397_1024

Nothing like Venice during the holidays!!!!!thumb_img_6381_1024

Later that day I had the joy of sitting down and reading a architecture magazine I snagged from my parents house! I don’t know why but for some reason just this page inspired me a lot. Not only to travel, traverse through Russian art and research Russian clothing in the past decades, but to also start a name for myself in the creative space. I have a couple of ideas I’ve been brainstorming for 2017 so we’ll see where those end up going- stay tuned 🙂

P.S. I know I’m into the Dutch and more mature men but for some reason why do I find Theo so hot?! lolthumb_img_6444_1024thumb_img_6443_1024Then for the grand finale of the day- my friends from Calabasas came down to visit me in WeHo to go for a night out on the town! We went to Nightingale, one of our main spots at the moment, and to say the least it was pretty crazy! I rarely get to see them but it was definitely a night to remember? or not to, to say the least lol. Love my girls and would literally do anything for them!

Damn, I wish I wasn’t sick and was still on winter break- time flew since I was constantly having such jam packed days with fun activities!

Hope you guys had a great holiday as well and HAPPY 2017! Wishing all my readers all my love and all the best ❤



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