Sweat into Shape

So I tried out ShapeHouse after I’ve heard about it from multiple friends and also since I heard Sel Gomez was a huge fan! I have done cryotherapy before and loved it so I wondered what the opposite of freezing your body would do in order to help boost metabolism and reduce toxins! I went the day after Christmas since I was feeling so guilty after eating my weight away in cookies and sweets! I arrived at the Robertson location and it was very relaxed with a dimly lit orange lobby! I walked in and automatically felt relaxed. Upon arrival I was told to change into a 100% cotton long sleeved shirt, sweat pants and high top socks that are provided by ShapeHouse. After entering the communal room where beds are separated by curtains,  I heard a middle aged man whining about how he couldn’t handle the heat! This kind of worried me and I automatically prompted  to ask my attendant to go a little lower on the temperature for my first time. My attendant was super understanding and instead of the normal 70F she adjusted my heat to  65F and boy did it feel amazing. I got wrapped up like a burrito in a well foiled heating pad and relaxed while watching multiple shows on HBO Go. I even fell asleep for a good 10 minutes before I profusely started sweating during my last 20 minutes of the session (which are said to be the most difficult to endure).  Exactly at this time my attendant came to check up on me and placed a cold eucalyptus towel on my forehead to ensure that my body was re-cooling.  It is super important to keep hydrated during this 60 minute session and always make sure you drink a lot of water prior to the treatment and grab a bite to eat to prevent any type of lightheaded-ness! At the end of my treatment I was taken out of my “burrito” bag and was taken to the relaxation room where I was served a nice hot mango and peach ginger tea. It is recommended to not drink anything cold or take a shower after the session as your body heats up to the maximum level and is still at the height of metabolism after the session during the natural cooling process. It truly feels amazing afterwards as you are sipping tea and letting your body come down to its normal temperature. I felt a burst of energy and felt so much more refreshed than I did before I went in. Since my first visit, I have gone back for my second session and it has not failed to disappoint!  I feel like I will definitely become a regular here- let me know if you guys have ever tried sweat therapy as a alternate form to work out or to help eliminate stress and reduce toxins!



Sweat session #1- in for a treat!

Sweat session #2- I got’chu!


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