Taco Tuesdays: L.A.

Damn, juuuuuusssst recovered from my Taco Tuesday! Last night my friend came over to visit and we grabbed tacos at Tocaya in Venice! It was my first time there and it was amazing! It’s more of a fast food taco place but still has an amazing setting and vibe. The food is also very good quality! It was much needed as we were going out to the Supreme Holiday Party at Nightingale after!

Taco Tuesdays to me might as well be a weekly holiday! It gives me an excuse to drink a mojito and eat nachos/tacos! My absolute fave! Tuesdays would definitely count as my cheat day 😉 Anyways- below are some of my fave spots in LA! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Petty Cash

Petty Cash is right off Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood and is one of my most fave spots! Make sure to get the shrimp tacos, any of their ceviches and the Brixton (flaming drink)!

Tocaya Organica

Tocaya is located on Sunset Blvd. in WeHo and in Venice right off of Ocean! Tocaya is great to grab quality MexiCali tacos for cheap! They have an amazing happy hour from 3-5PM on weekdays where you can buy one taco and get one for free! They also have a refreshing cucumber mint lemonade that I am obsessed with!

Pink Taco

Great place to go to if you want a margarita and are looking to get wild! Located right off of the Sunset strip, it is a great pre-game place if you’re looking to eat before too. My personal fave are the lobster nachos. Not on the menu but order it- I AM OBSESSED ❤

El Cholo

El Cholo has been a fave of mine for years! It is a great authentic Mexican restaurant that has locations in Santa Monica and downtown! I used to live right across the street from the one in Santa Monica and would always order take out! They have an AMAZING Ceasar salad, authentic and spicy salsa with delicious home made chips and STRONG mojitos! Definitely check this place out if you want quality Mexican, big plates and a huge bang for your buck!

El Carmen


Located off of 3rd St. in West Hollywood, this is another pregame place that has amazing ready to go Mexican food and drinks that keep pouring. If you’re not up for Pink Taco definitely have this cozy place as a back up before you fiesta your night away!

Fiesta Cantina

If you’re looking to get a bit high school/college again come here! Very laid back vibe and not fancy at all! The drinks are amazing though, the vibe is loud and busy and the food will be great to sustain your definite hangover the next morning!

Gracias Madre

Beautiful environment, healthy vegan Mexican food and a place to go to when you truly want to feel “Bad and Boujee” 😉 Gracias Madre has been my favorite for a long time because I love the outdoor setting of the restaurant as well as my no guilt feeling when I leave! Mexican food to the next healthy level!

Toca Madera

If you’re looking for upscale lounge version of MexiCali food come here! Or..if you’re looking for a great brunch spot! I would come here with friends if we just want to get nice food and drink sans going out! You can definitely enjoy the night here, no need to go further!

The Taco App!

OMG- this is life! Whenever you’re craving a taco and want to find the closest places to you this app will help you out! The app targets major cities across the US and gives you lots of options on where to go depending on your current location! Download ASAP if you are a taco lover like me 😉

*P.S. all photos have been taken from Yelp! I always devour my food before I get to take a nice pic. of it 😉


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