Hung(a)ry for Parties?

As all of my readers might already know,  I am Hungarian and am definitely proud of my culture and heritage. I tend to go back to Hungary at least once every year to visit family, relax, unwind and explore the nightlife scene. I am lucky enough to have cousins a little bit older than me that still like to go out and always show me the best new spots around town! No, I am not talking about the popular tourist driven Szimpla Kert (which I have to admit is pretty fun and at a dope location) but to spots where locals go and where all of the deep house DJ’s go to spin! First off, if you don’t know now you know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all types of house music. I grew up listening to it, got happy when the U.S. started to adapt to it and enjoy traveling and checking out the electronic scenes in other countries. I am notoriously known for traveling across the globe for festivals just to solely experience the DJ’s, music and shows across the pond. I’ve seen a bunch of artists from Adriatique to Goldfish to Sven Vath to Chris Lake in the coolest venues and they have never disappointed. Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe to party and the clubs do not close until the last person leaves (which usually is pretty late into the next morning) followed by a quick langos to help sober you up on your metro ride home(fried dough with savory toppings like sour cream, garlic sauce and cheese…sooooo good). In this post you can find all of my fave spots to hit when I’m in the vibrant city! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have been, are planning on going, or have questions on any of the below! 🙂

Raktar Beach

This was one of my favorite spots to hit this past summer. Margitsziget is an island in the middle of the Danube river that boasts a huge park where you can ride bikes, relax in the grass, swim in a large swimming pool and explore little exhibits. Raktar beach is right at the beginning of the Margaret bridge at the very front part of the island. It has a great summer vibe and a beautiful view of the bridge lit up! Many tourists come here from Europe but in August it was still a pretty hush hush place that many didn’t know about. The music ranges from top 40 to throwbacks and it’s a great place to go to if you’re looking to dance and enjoy looking at a lit up Budapest while drinking a nice cocktail.


My cousin is obsessed with this place and he is also obsessed with house music. A38 is a boat on the danube river that is 3 levels of party. You enter on the deck and when you go down into the main part of the boat there is a huge house party with a un-named DJ spinning on the decks. I’ve heard everything from minimal to techno to deep house on this boat and it has always been a blast!


Kraaft is fun if you’re looking for an easy club to go to with good looking people and a good house music playlist! It’s located in the city center close to Deak Ferenc ter and the Basilica!


Otkert is similar to Kraaft and boasts a same kind of crowd and music scene. It is also located a street or two down from the rival club but is equally as fun! Otkert was my spot two summers ago but going back in August showed me that it still has its reigning star!


My OH My! I have nothing but the BEST to say about this bar/pre-game place! I’ve been coming here for about 3-4 years now and it has never disappointed. It’s open all day/night- during the day you go down for a quick drink and sit down at the tables to catch up with friends and at night you can chill and do the same or go inside their venue and dance to their local DJ. The outdoor patio is so fun and they tend to have events to bring people together. I remember when I was there 3 years ago they had the FIFA world cup screening there and it was the most fun I’ve ever had watching soccer  The crowd is very laid back and chill and a great place to spark up a new conversation with another foreigner 😉


Froccsterasz is right across the pathway from Akvarium and is equally as fun! It’s a two story outdoor venue where you drink Hungary’s infamous “froccs” which is Rose with sparking water! So much fun and it is super close to Deak Ferenc ter so after your day of shopping or after a nice dinner go over for a nice chat with your girls before heading out to party!



Rio has been open for so long, although it has re-located to the other Buda side of the Danube, I remember going there when I was only 15!! Still super fun with cool themed nights (I went to a Barbie & Ken inspired night before) and great DJ’s spinning good music.


HelloBaby is known as one of the “Bougie” and up-scale bars! However, the interior is soooooo cool! It looks like you’re in an old Roman cathedral! It is huge and two levels and everyone is dressed to impress and ready to have a good time! This is a bit more pricier than the rest of the bars but it is definitely worth it to check out!


Romkert won my heart two years ago! Great house music and it’s located right next to the Danube river- literally walking distance to the “rakpart” (sideline) of it! The crowd is half tourists and half locals but it is always a good time!

Corvin teto

This place is pure grunge- but in an amazing way! First off , it is located at an old Soviet shopping center warehouse. Once you arrive you have to walk up a series of steps that have graffiti and tattered posters all of the walls. Once you reach the top you are at the underground  or I guess it would actually be above ground? “club” level where there is usually house music. Then you go up another pair of stairs to reach the top of the building where you get to look over the Corvin section of Pest! This place is more known by locals as it is not in the tourist center of the city but it is a very dope spot to check out! Especially to grab a drink at the top of the building at night to overlook the lit-up city!

(p.s. some pics were taken from Google images as my old computer crashed and I lost some photos)


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