Stockholm Skincare: Estelle & Thild

I CAN’T believe I’m just bringing this up now, but during my 5 hour layover  at Arlanda Airport last year I decided to go do some Duty Free shopping! I came across a new skincare brand that was eco-friendly, naturally scented and bio- Estelle & Thild!

I am obsessed with the Biohydrate day cream as it is perfectly lightweight and only bears a light rose like scent for the daytime! Estelle & Thild also has amazing anti-aging treatments (I especially love the youth oils) that help with fine lines and wrinkles, help with boosting collagen and firm/condition your skin at the same time. I absolutely love this Swedish brand for it’s use of bio-active ingredients instead of the chemicals you find in drugstore or even high end department store brands! As the brand has grown they have even baby care and body care so you can use the amazing ingredients behind the products all around your house! Your skin will definitely feel the difference and thank you for the change in routine! 🙂




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