Palm Springs Shines, Los Angeles Rains

My favorite weekend getaways are those to Palm Springs, hmmm… or maybe even weekday getaways? Monumental changes have happened in my life this past week which allowed for me to take a couple of days off and go and adventure in Palm Springs! T was in need of a mini vacay as well as was trying to escape the treacherous LA downpour!!! It’s been raining like crazy here! So went down to Palm Springs (2hr. drive from LA) to stay at the Saguaro for a night! I recommend the Saguaro for the summer because it has insane pool parties and Splash House (house music oriented mini music festival) however, it’s amazing during the winter too just a bit more relaxed…haha! During my time there I went downtown and checked out a couple of vintage shops and CB2 as I’m in the midst of trying to redecorate my apartment! Of course, I didn’t hesitate to take a couple of pictures either, especially at the hotel where I love the flamboyantly drastic neon walls! Makes the environment feel so fun and alive!

After a bit of shopping it was time for dinner and since we were already in the heart of downtown PS we went to my fave bistro Lulu. I am OBSESSED with their Lemon Drop Martini’s and their Chocolate Fondue! They are both a must try and I never fail to treat my sweet tooth when I am there! After a one day staycation I am now back in LA and semi-getting back to reality. I have been doing job applications like crazy, conducting phone interviews and now going to go and kick my own butt in a Soul Cycle class. Super stoked for it though because it’s a Chainsmokers & Weeknd inspired ride- wish me luck haha 😉 thumb_img_6772_1024thumb_img_6759_1024thumb_img_6734_1024thumb_img_6687_1024thumb_img_6694_1024


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