Swiss Skincare



I LOVE my Auntie- plus I am obsessed with skincare (thanks to her;) )! I swear I have always gotten the best skincare advice from her and although she is thousands on thousands of miles away in Hungary she always never fails to introduce me to the best new skincare products out there! As we all know it is never too early to start taking care of your skin- even if you’re in your early thirties! I love La Praire and it is an amazing brand but the overhype of the product along with the overpriced cost can leave you feeling a bit confused after purchasing the product. With that said, comes Teoxane! Teoxane is a Swiss brand that is known for incorporating Hyaluronic acid into their product to soften and smooth the skin while decreasing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles! The product is said to take full effect in just 28 days if used daily every morning and evening. Just a dime size will do the trick to get your face looking plump and glowing- I’m currently on day 5 but after what I’ve heard from my Aunt and what I’ve read in online reviews I’m sure I won’t be disappointed 😉

Learn more about Teoxane here!


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