#❤️️ to Freeze


If you live in LA and haven’t done cryotherapy yet- why haven’t you? Its benefits to your health are tremendous and especially with the summer heat wave rolling around it’ll feel nice to burst yourself into negative temperatures for a good 2 1/2 minutes!

I have tried many cryo clinics out in LA and I haven’t enjoyed a session as much as I do then at Next-Health! Located right off on Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvd. in the 8000 Shopping Center! The people are so friendly and nice and I swear I always get greeted by my name when I enter! The cryo sesh goes by so fast because they give you headphones where you can blast your fave song during your sesh and they also give you a countdown timer so you know how much longer you have! Literally makes it so easy to run in and out of the clinic, especially if you are always on a tight schedule like me! In addition to cryotherapy they offer many other treatments  like B12 shots, cryofacials and my fave IV’s! If you’re ever feeling sick or need rejuvenation get an IV- I haven’t personally done it but I have friends that SWEAR by it after a weekend of fun!

If you live in West Hollywood there is no reason why you shouldn’t check this place out! Your first cryotherapy session is free and moving forward prices are affordable! Check it out for your wellbeing and let me know how you like it 😉


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