Oh Miami-


Another year, another great Miami Music Week. This year it was so unexpected and crazy! Got to hang out with old friends, new friends and friends I didn’t even expect on running into there! Left last Wednesday morning and just came back this Tuesday….barely lol I almost missed my flight again. At least I’ve gotten better since last year when I actually did- but that’s a whole other story lol. This year I went to so many showcases, mini pop up parties and went backstage to a lot of amazing pool parties/warehouse parties! My most memorable would probably be being backstage at the Ultra Music showcase and the Dim Mak show at RC Cola Plant in Wynwood! Every time I go to Wynwood I always feel a bit sketched out but I know something fun and unexpected is gonna happen. I love the grungy beach vibe it has and all the street art the streets are immersed with. Other than that days were filled with the Delano, Spinnin Hotel, 1 Hotel, Nikki Beach, SLS, Mondrian and Shore Club day parties and nights were filled with random shenanigans at places like E11ven, LIV, Wall and other random locations! Too much fun- I just recovered yesterday…it took 4 days!!! :I

Aside from that I spent a ton of time at the beach my last two days and I got soooooo sunburnt! I was always so arrogant about not needing sunscreen because I don’t tan or get burnt until I actually felt the wrath of the Miami sun……two days later. It literally hurt to move for at least 5 days which at least was an excuse for me to not workout but now I signed up for a 8PM class and I feel like I’m gonna die….wish me luck guys!

Steezin’ in W Hong Kong Slips

Backstage AOKI

Walks on the  beach while everyone was still sleeping …… at 12PM!

Alan Walker @ Ultra Showcase

With one of my Swiss friends- Champagne is always a good idea 😉

NSA- Nikki Beach -MIA

Hyde Beach

Faena with the Girls

We might have a slight liking for Tequila 

1 Hotel SoBe


Backstage or Nostage




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