My FAVORITE New Workouts

Cue the Skrillex song- just kidding (but it actually is like such a great song to workout too)!! So as all of you know I’ve been trying to get myself into a good fitness regime since summer is coming up and I cannot deny my sweets! Literally- I just had 6 Hershey’s kisses right now, lol. Well before my Miami trip I was on a roll- although I didn’t notice my body change as much I noticed my energy and stamina rocket through the roof! I was doing Platefit once every day for almost two whole weeks with an occasional boxing and Pilates! Thus- leading me to giving you new places to try out! The below fitness studios actually were very fun to attend and I didn’t feel the hassle of working out!



My ALL TIME favorite! I did the new client special which is $49 for two weeks of unlimited classes! Unfortunately, right after the first week I had to unexpectedly travel out of the country so I wasn’t able to enjoy my second week but boy did I have fun until then! Classes are only 27 minutes long and you do high intense cardio moves as well as stretches and floor routines! My favorite class was the Bootcamp fit- it’s crazy how exhausted you are after and how much of a short time it takes for your bodies heart rate to speed up with the power plate. The power plate is usually set to 30-35rpm and it shakes your whole body through your whole workout maximizing the effect on your muscles! After you take your class there is usually a Cellulite Busting (Stretch) class that follows right after. It is honestly the best form of relaxation for after a high intensity workout. You lay on the power plate do very easy stretches and just meditate into your body. Depending on the teacher/type of Cellulite busting class sometimes they even spray the room with lavender, play relaxing music and light candles to make you feel more zen and in your chi 😉



I have NEVER got my ass kicked like I did at BoxNBurn. There literally is no stopping when you are here- you are constantly moving from station to station (there is usually 5 set up) and between practicing punches with one of the trainers, hitting the bag and doing burpees this 60 minute class will most likely leave you feeling exhausted yet mentally and physically energized at the end. I always feel the most work put in my core and arms (which I always try to target the most)! Make sure to drink up because you will work up more than a sweat here!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 4.58.40 PM.png

Pilates Plus by Lagree Fitness

One of my favorite Pilates places! I swear all of the good Pilates studios in LA are in the valley! Known for it’s torture device 😉 the Megaformer- Pilates Plus def kicks your booty and targets the whole body while on the reformer. The teachers are very well skilled and were taught by the Lagree Method- if you don’t know what that is you better check it out- this French trainer is AMAZINGLY awesome!

(Images found via Google Images) 


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