Team #noChella

I’m one of the few people that didn’t attend Coachella this past weekend and I was totallyyyy fine with that. Although I thought FOMO would hit me, I kept myself occupied here in LA and hung out with my other noChella friends and had an amazing time! I caught up on my rest Friday just so I can make myself tired again by Sunday lol. Saturday my friends and I went to the Mondrian for some much needed sun and drinks. Later we went to check out my besties new apartment and it is so nice! I am so proud/happy for her, her building has valet and a sick view over La Cienega! So jel about the parking situation, anyone who lives in LA knows how hard it is to invite people over to your place if you don’t have ample guest parking or valet lol! After getting ready for the night and discovering this amazing new French perfume that my friend swears makes every guys head turn (lol she swears at least 5 people come up to her asking what it is after she spritzes it on) we went to Tortilla Republic for dinner and mannnnn who knew jicama tacos can be so amazing?! Usually I always think jicama is pretty bland and it’s not my first vegetable to turn to- I’d honestly much rather go with broccoli but damn this taco was AH-mazing! I washed it down with a sugar free spicy margarita and was ready to head down to this new club that just opened last month Avenue LA. This club is part of the Dream Hotel which also hosts TAO and Beauty & Essex. All New York transplants that are gonna make a splash here in LA!

What’d you guys do this weekend? How was Coachella?!img_8158.pngimg_8157.png

Spicy margs on deck 😉 

 Montale Eau de Rose Musk- French perfume that inherently does miracles lol
Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉


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