Already the Weekend?!?!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY! I feel like each week gets shorter and shorter  I literally don’t know where time goes! Anyways this past weekend I did ALOT. I’ve been trying to slow down a bit with my schedule but I have a fear of saying “No” due to my case of FOMO. Anyways- Friday night a friend and I dropped by Avenue and chilled for a bit straight after getting off work! We pregamed with a bottle of SOTO Sake and it was amazing! Highly recommended- it doesn’t have a bitter or vinegar-y after taste like I feel like most sake has! Then Saturday I built my new dresser with the help of my fab parents, they dropped by and brought my little cutie Latte (POM-huahua) and while they were building my dresser I just played with my pup! Miss him so so much! After hours and hours of building this dresser (it was super hard and so many pieces, ahhh) we finally went to my fave crepe spot- Solar de Cahuenga! First off I am OBSESSED with their Goat Cheese Salad and I’m also OBSESSED with their Berry Compote Crepe so why not have both? Which I did…..Ugh this week has just been me being responsible with my newfound “healthy diet” but hey, slip ups happen!

After a long day of building on Saturday I ended up meeting one of my good friends at the Beverly Wilshire and grabbing a cucumber tequila drink at the hotel bar. We then went over to see the Martinez Brothers at Sound (which we were not feeling at all, I LOVE them but it was way too crowded for the night and it is my LEAST favorite venue of all time) so then we hopped over to Liason which is a club/lounge next door and it was equally as crowded and frankly pretty grimey (#notrecommended). We each sipped a champagne, forced ourselves to dance for a bit and then bounced. Unsuccessful Saturday night, but at least it makes you appreciate the fun times! Also- it’s never a bad time if your with friends you love and have fun with!! Anyways- luckily since Saturday night was such a bust, I woke up super early and refreshed on Sunday morning and was ready to celebrate one of my besties birthdays! We went out to a couple of bars in Santa Monica and finished off with some healthy cauliflower nachos at Blue Plate Taco– my fave American style Mexican restaurant on the west side.

Last night after getting home from work I was in Suzy Homemaker mode (even though I live by myself…lol) so I decided to bake some Annie’s cinnamon rolls. They are just so damn good and I guess they are a bit healthier than the normal Pillsbury so I shouldn’t be beating myself up too hard, right? haha even though I almost ate them all……Now I’m planning to hit up a workout class after work to make up for my bad choices haha. Not sure if I should go with boxing or just a slight yoga? What do you guys think?


Anyways here’s a list of what I’m obsessing over this week:

What I’m listening to: OBSESSED with Falling (BroHug Remix)- Alesso

Notable throwback song: Triton- Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano (From 2013…omg can’t believe it’s been that lnog since this track dropped!)

New Brand Release: Kristin Cav’s new jewelry line that just launched this week named “Uncommon James”- she literally designs the CUTEST jewelry…BRB about to go $plurge!

New buys I received this week: This NA-KD workout set! Gets me motivated to go and workout! Also- this Vanessa Mooney necklace, can’t wait to wear it out tonight!

Meal obsession- Veggie/Tofu Kale Salad from Sweetfin, pair it with some toppings and the Spicy Ponzu & Coconut Cream Wasabi and you are set for a light lunch 😉 (p.s. it tastes way better than it sounds)



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