Dive Bars & Deep House

Woah, I woke up so tired today! I have had quite the weekend- going from Friday to late night Sunday…but it was fun 😉 Friday night I got off work and was suppppper energized, to say the least I was ready to have a night out! Of course that’s when a lot of people end up cancelling plans, so after getting home and getting ready two friends that I had original plans with ended up bailing out and wanting to stay home…ok I though, let me see my other options. No way was I gonna stay in! So I poured myself another glass of wine and reached back out to a couple of other homies that were most likely going out. After a while of waiting and about to give up on the night I remembered I was invited to a old co-workers going away party at this one rooftop bar here in West Hollywood called EP/LP. It was so great to run into old coworkers and catch up! Funny story though- just so all of you can beware of some fake LA tactics…this guy standing in front of me was trying to get into the bar section of the restaurant and the front door man (can’t even be classified as a bouncer since it’s not even a club…?) told him he would have to wait in the longggggg line or else it would be $100 to get in. $100?!?! what?! To get into a restaurant/bar/lounge type of setting..HELL NO! Never fall for that stuff guys, just an FYI…nothing in LA should have a cover especially if it’s a bar or lounge! Anyways this guy seemed foreign and eager to get in- prompting the door guy to tell him to scram or go to the nearest ATM across the street. After experiencing this I was like wow, maybe I’ll have to wait in that long line too but luckily I was fine and got in smoothly after the guy in front of me left for the ATM lol. That’s L.A. for you!!!

Saturday rolled around and I cleaned my apartment and closet! I’m selling a couple of new clothes that I never wore and some things that have not tags that I probably haven’t work or wore maybe once! Check them out here and if you like mb you can be a customer of mine 😉 Anywho, after feeling super accomplished with my cleaning skills I headed over for a CorePower Yoga Sculpt class and it was intense. I was in no mood to workout but afterwards I truly felt accomplished and not lazy. The heated room def kicks your butt when moving around for an hour straight! I did their first week free as I am a new member and I’m still not too crazy about it but I;m gonna give it one more try after work tonight so I’ll keep you guys posted on how I’m feeling their C2 Yoga class 🙂

Saturday night I went to Le Jardin – a club I haven’t been to in AGESSSSS! Like literally two years ago when I first freshly turned 21! Going back was fun because I always loved the venue, especially since it’s nice outdoors and it’s a outdoor venue. I only went because one of my favorite DJ’s from Berlin was playing- Jan Blomqvist! He was amazing and I literally stayed until it closed and I was still wanting more!! They’re having one of my other favorite DJ’s, Bedouin, playing in two weeks so you can definitely catch me there!

Yesterday was a bit more chill, I woke up a tad bit later than usual and regretted my late night/early morning Thai Food delivery lol. After getting up and getting ready for the day….at 1PM LOL- I met up with one of my friends from Berlin and we walked around the Grove, caught a drink at Plan Check and then headed down to Echo Park to check out an artist showcase at this dive bar called The Lost Knight. It was a lot of fun and super chill to listen to live music by young/fresh faced talent! Once the showcase was about to be over, I decided to take my friend down to Venice because what’s a trip in L.A. without exploring the westside a bit?! After getting to High at Hotel Erwin we decided it was a bit too chilly to “chill” on the rooftop (see my play on words there? hehe) and the appetizer only menu wouldn’t satisfy our infuriating hunger so we went across the street to one of my favorite taco shops, Tocaya, and grabbed a quick bite with some rose & beer! SUCCESS! To say the least I crashed right when I got home, woke up this A.M. and am waiting for it to be Friday night again!

Talk to you guys soon 😉 ❤



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