YASSSS- New Goodies <3

Guys…I swear I have a shopping addiction! It’s really bad and I should probably shred my credit card pretty soon. Literally- NOT NORMAL- I woke up at 6AM and instead of hitting the gym I skipped class and online shopped ..resulting in $500 worth of clothes from H&M. I DON’T EVEN SHOP AT H&M!!! LOL

Anyways…I thought I’d share some of the exciting new things I got in this past week!

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.11.12 PM.png

Viviscal Hair Serum

It’s an elixir that is supposed to be sprayed at the roots to see hair growth. You spray this magical gel consistency spray on your roots and ends each morning and night and you should be able to see hair growth in at least 2 months! I’ll keep ya updated on how that goes;)

Kylie Jenner Lipkit & Blush

I caved and bought some Kylie Jenner Lipkits and a Blush…(hey, she was having a cinco de mayo sale and was kind of tipsy when I made the purchase!) I really needed new lipliner and nude peachy colors so I thought why not buy one lipkit and get another one for free! SOLD! I got the lipkits in Dirty Peach and Apricot! Not the biggest fan of either but I’ll give them a second try someitme this weekend 😉 Plus I needed blush so I bought the Barely Legal which actually compliments my skintone really well 🙂


FoxyLocks Platinum Blonde Extensions

These are my fave! They are my go-to and I love love love loveeee them! I can’t rave about how amazing these clip-ins are and how the seamless sewing at the clips makes your hair simply smooth over when you put them in! I have been using this brand since I was in high school (6 yrs now) and I LOVE THEM!!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

My favorite day time spray for the past 4 years now? Literally obsessed- not only cause I feel like I have a lot of good memories tied to this scent (bought at least three bottles and was my go-to when I lived in Europe) but also because it is light and refreshing and not overwhelming! For night time I use the pink rose from Montale Paris 😉

NA-KD Skin Tanning Mouse

It’s instant and has a nice natural looking color! It also doesn’t streak and did I mention it’s only 19.99?!?!?! I bought this from Ulta as I was looking for cheaper versions of St. Tropez’s instant self tanning mousse (that ish costs double at $45) and I found this gem! I was hesitant to try it at first, especially since after St.Tropez, Vita Liberata kinda stole my heart but this cheaper, less scented, more natural looking mouse now won me over and I’m hooked!

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.12.03 PM.png

Bershka Oversized Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Can I say HOW HAPPY I AM that Bershka now ships international! I had noooooo idea! Bershka was always one of my fave stores to shop at when I was in Europe and the other day wondering what new cool stuff they had just in case I went to Europe this summer 😉 I noticed that they started shipping to the U.S. and hold on, for FREE! I jumped right on it and found a cute pair of high waisted over sized boyfriend jeans that will be perfect for the summer! I feel like whenever I wear jeans they are always one of my high waisted black ones so this will give me a bit of change 😉 Plus how cute will this look with a backless body suite and chunky heels for the summer?!



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