New York… In a New York Minute- Literally 🍎

Hey Guys!

Sometimes I think I’m crazy or insane, I am such an adventure seeker and thrill chaser that I find myself in situations where I am just like “WTF!? Did I really just do this!?” but I mean I love to take my chances and make memories and look back fondly at my past and be like wow was that a good time! Sorry for the short monologue there lol, but moving forward what I basically did this weekend was book a last minute flight to New York just for the weekend (a.k.a 1 1/2 days) since I didn’t want to take off work! I was just getting so sick of L.A. and I thought hey the weathers nice, everyone seems to be in New York- might as well say hi to friends and make a guest appearance 😉 lol I left Friday night straight after work- not having anything packed, starving, hungover, tired from a 9 hour day and I had only an hour to pack before I had to leave! Luckily it’s not that hard when your packing for a day and a half and only have one carry on but it still seemed stressful at the time, especially since I was so hangry and tired! So I went home threw everything I saw into my mini duffle bag, made a aloe vera, water, and lemon infused vodka drink (that I ended up pouring into my oh so classy Dasani water bottle that was helping me get through my day) and bounced for the airport! I made the flight on time and even had time to catch a quick martini at the bar right in front of my gate. Luckily I was so exhausted I passed out once I boarded and next thing I knew I was in NYC- (at the glorious time of 5AM)! I chipperly texted my friend who I was visiting saying “Landed! Get ready to party!”- poor kid did not know what he was in for lol. We ended up day drinking/partying all day Saturday, brunched on Sunday and then day partied up until I had to leave! (INTERESTING FACT: My friends were so tired from the day partying that I didn’t even get to go out my one night there which made me sad but everyoneeee passed out!!) I didn’t get tired till I had to leave and boy was that exhausting #neverflydelta they denied me entrance to the gate when I was still on time and made me take a later flight out resulting in me waiting for multiple hours to catch the next flight…to say the least I was NOT happy lol. Plus I got super sick when I got home(prob cause I weakened my immune system so much in like such a short amount of time!) Anyways feeling better now and wanted to share the stories and places I explored w/ you!

Have you guys been to the places listed below? What did you guys think? Have any other places I should checkout next time I go?

Comment below, I love hearing your thoughts 🙂



We went to the one in downtown..the clubby one. From what I can remember it was PACKED. We had a table and met some really cool German kids! The indoors was fun but it was very hot so we decided to stay outside on the terrace for most of the time. This was the last stop of Saturday’s day tripping haha


The Hotel Americano Rooftop

Kind of a blur but it kind of reminded me of the W here in L.A. There was a small pool and small bar, it was also very crowded but we caught a good seat and snacked on a couple of appetizers for a while.



Came here for dinner because one of our friends suggested it and it was good! I think I ate a bit too much here though because I felt horrrrible afterwards. Too much drinking and too much food= bad decision. I always tend to see with my stomach and not my eyes after a long day of drinking. The restaurant served Mediterranean food though and it was a small ambient atmosphere! They had amazing dips and great grilled octopus!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 1.00.08 PM


My fave…even though it’s a bit cheesy and too much lol! We went here both days and it never disappointed. The bartenders were the nicest and funnest people ever! They played dope music and it was all around just good vibes! This was by far my fave place to go to all week.


Le Bain

When we went it was more of a chill crowd. I checked out the Biergarten below last time I was in New York and had a fun time there but it is definitely more for a “one drink and I’m gonna chill till I go to a next place” sort of vibe! But hey- you can never say no to a Standard Hotel.



We came here  for brunch on a Sunday! It was very small and adorable. Reminded me of a little mini French inspired caffe. The menu was pretty American tasting even though it had French names lol and their Bellini’s weren’t the best. I guess this place gets crazy in the mid afternoon but we came a bit too early at 11AM since I was dying to go back to Bagatelle lol



My friends LOVED this place…but they;re guys so it makes sense that they like something more sports bar inspired! I wasn’t too crazy of this place and didn’t really like the location/interior of it. It reminded me of an All American sports bar that you can find in the midwest and I was not a fan of it. They do serve good bar food though… greasy and wholesome, must give them that lol


(P.s. all these photos weren’t taken by me (that’s the last thing on my mind when having fun)…I’m a horrible blogger, I know but creds go to Google Images)

DAMN- thinking back on all of this made me so happy I took a BURN Ballet Bodies class this morning and makes me rethink what I should order for lunch today lol…time to get back on track!

Ciao, loves ❤



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