Day Trippin…I Mean Drankin’ 🍸 

I love summer and it’s finally feeling like it in L.A.! So what better to do on a Saturday morning when you’re feeling AHHHMAZING?! Go day drinking/brunch- obvi!

Me and one of my friends literally ventured around all day going into the night across L.A. We first started off at Pono Burger on Sunset Blvd. where I had suchhhh an amazing Ahi Tuna Tartare with a great sparkling glass of Rose. After we decided to check out Santa Monica for a bit! We headed over to the Shangri-La Rooftop where we had a drink and enjoyed the nice rooftop view before of course heading over to the Bungalow. By the time we rolled around there it was 5PM and it was PACKED like the line was HUGE (which is not a shock, it always is…but at 5PM?! It usually dies down by then). So tipsy Alex had a fun idea and suggested to go to Cabo Cantina on Third St. for a quick drink before we try out the Bungalow again. Even though I hate that place with a passion and swore I would never ever go there we went and well, we were in luck! We went during happy hour and got buy one get on free on all drinks! Plus we had chips and salsa with extra spicy habanero peppers which was an amazing spicy treat for all the day drinking we did! After checking out Cabo we went to the Bungalow and chilled for a drink. It was very crowded and we were kind of over it. We ended up coming back to WeHo, grabbing a quick snack from Erewhon and then headed for a night out. We checked out Avenue and Le Jardin! Boy was it a long day, but after staying at Avenue for a bit we were just really craving House music so we went to Le Jardin and it never disappoints! Every Saturday night they have a house music inspired night called “LA Vibe” which literally reminds me of a European club. It was so fun and I loved dancing to all the music there, so much better than the usual Top 40 or Hip Hop they play at all of the other L.A. clubs!!

& Sunday I chilled with Pops! I was def exhausted, but nonetheless a successful weekend!


Sorry for no pics! I literally snapped everything this weekend and then when I tried to go back and export them into this blog realized I never saved them..ahhhh MISTAKE :0


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