Weekend Fun! Love for Summer Pool Parties 

Ahhh another weekend for the books! Literally I feel like I live through the week just to see the weekend lol, anyone else feel the same? Anyways, I LOVE how it’s finally summer and all the pool parties in L.A. are at their peak! This weekend me and my friend went to SkyBar at the Mondrian hotel to see the EC Twins play then resumed the night hopping from house parties to lounges to clubs and finally getting home at 5AM…that never happens to me in L.A.! Anyways thought I’d share some of my Snapchat posts below! I loved it when the twins dropped “Adieu” by Tchami! Such a great song to sway to in the sun with a drink in hand! Only thing that was missing from our group was my bestie Cynthia, who me and my friend made a shout out to in the last video lol! A new blog post on pool parties in L.A. will shortly follow- stay tuned 😉






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